Oracle Database Connection

I'm having problems connecting to our Oracle database. I have ojdbc5, ojdbc5_g, ojdbc6 and ojdbc6_g in my jdbc lib folder (I'm running the 11g client) and I have added these to the Knime 'Database' in Preferences. These are my credentials:



and I obtain: " Execute failed: java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection"

Is there anything I am missing?







I recommend trying this:


That's what I needed to do to get the oracle connection to work.



I use this :

- ojdbc14.jar

- (where PWD is the password)


Thanks Tim - this worked!!!

Help!   I'm using Database Reader node with Oracle Thin Client JDBC to sucessfully connect to some Oracle Tables displayed in my Fetch Metadata view and not to others.  Tables I'm not able to connect to, give the following error: "ERROR Database Reader  0:9   Execute failed: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist".    The credentials used to connect to these tables has been verified.   Also the permissions to read these tables has been verified.   Why would only certain tables give this error when using Database Reader node and others connect with no issue?  Any help greatly appreciated!


I guess the problem is that some tables belong to another schema then the default one. Unfortunately the metadata view does not show to which schema the table belongs to. So currently you have to know to which schema the table belongs to and put the schema name in front of the table name separated by a '.' e.g mySchema.myTable. We are working on a new database browser for one of the next releases which will also show the schem infomation.



Tobias, I added Schema to front of table and it worked perfectly!  Thanks for the super quick response and assistance!



I am trying to connect KNIME with my oracle database.

Can anyone tell me the steps as i m facing issues.

I used ojdbc7.jar in KNIME preferences. and it shows connection refused. 




  1. register the oracle jdbc driver via the KNIME preferences
  2. Add the Database Connector to your KNIME workflow
  3. In the dialog of the Database Connector
    1. select "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver" as database driver
    2. Enter the valid jdbc url into the Database URL field e.g. jdbc:oracle:thin:@[HOST][:PORT]:SID or jdbc:oracle:thin:@//[HOST][:PORT]/SERVICE
    3. Enter your username and password into the provided fields
  4. Use the Database Table Selector node to select the table to work on or any other database node




Thanks for the reply.

I followed the steps but getting connection refused error after running the node. what is this error for? Please reply ASAP as am stuck with this and need to implement it.



"Connection refused" means that either you entered the wrong server address or the server is refusing your connection (for various reasons).


I have got a similar problem (in version 3.4.1), I did install the oracle ojdbc driver (ojdbc6.jar) in preferences / Data management / Connectivity / Driver Definitions.

But in the configuration dialog of the Database Connector I cannot select oracle.jdbc.driver as database driver, it is missing from the dropdownlist.

When I create a SQL development project using the new project wizard, I can use this driver and I can connect to my DB.

How can I configure this driver for the Database Connector??



This must be a bug, because I tried to follow the same process as when I installed 3.3 and got the same result as you, the driver appeared to be installed correctly in the Preferences but I only could see Amazon, mysql and a few others (which were not listed in the Driver Definitions) in the drop-down list.

You are using the wrong preference page. Try KNIME/Databases instead. The other is for Birt.