Oracle's new Java (jre,jdk) licence prices: What does it mean for KNIME?

You provide a Oracle jre in each KNIME installation. As far as I understand german written it means that every installation of a jre “in production” costs money starting with java 11 in the end of 2018.
What are your plans? Do you charge for “free” KNIME? Are you going to use openjdk since this jre/jdk seems to be free? Do you have already tested other jre besides Oracle’s? Are you going to provide KNIME without a jre so the user has to provide/pay/install it?


(Heise currently reports “500 Internal Server Error” but I know what you are talking about.)

We are aware of the situation and have discussed this internally also. Our current(*) plan is to stick with OracleJRE 8 for the current 3.6 and upcoming 3.7 release. (The restrictions do not apply to the java we currently re-distribute as part of KNIME Analytics Platform.)

Future versions of KNIME will then be based on OpenJDK, probably version 11 due to its long term support. (OpenJDK 11 is not available yet.)

Please also note that Windows 32 bit will need to be discontinued as there won’t be 32 bit Windows builds for OpenJDK.

Hope this helps,

(*) in the sense that it is planned and plans my change but we are committed to providing KNIME free of charge and open source.


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