order of histogram view bars


Is there a way to re-order the bars in the histogram view?

I have bins generated by the auto-binner from a percentage measure, 0-100%, divided into 10 bins.

My preference is to name the bins by borders, e.g. [0-10],[10-20] etc. If I do this I get (10-20] at the far left of the histogram view going through (90-100], and [0-10] at the far right.

If instead I use numbered bin naming, I get Bin1, Bin10, Bin2, Bin3,...,Bin9 from left to right.  I get a similar result with the numeric binner.

I understand perfectly why the sorts work this way, but clearly the output is actually misleading when trying to visualise data.

Suggestions are welcome.


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Just to follow up, I worked this out - the solution was to map the bin names to numbers using 'Category to number' so that they would sort properly by the histogram viewer.

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another option is to use the RapidMiner Viewer, this one will display the bins in the order it reads them in - so a sort is needed.

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