Order of list in dropdown of value selection


I have list of values in a column, which I am using in the value selection for a dropdown.

The List is not in the order of the column list. For me the order looks like random - I can not see any system in it.
A Sort Node prior to the value selection has no effect.

Is it possible to sort the values in the list in the dropdown?

I’m using Knime 3.7.1

Hi Steegg,

it’s not the most obvious, but the Value Selection Node orders the values according to the “Domain” of the value column. This means if you add a domain calculator after your sorter node, the order in your value selection file should be fine.
Btw: you should do it anyway, no matter if your data is sorted or not, as the domain data might be out of date. E.g. if you have a set of several countries and you filter out e.g. Egypt, it still might appear in your dropdown if the domain has not been calculated anew.



Hi Alec.

Thank you for the solution.
I think I wouldn’t have found out.


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