Organize an ASCII file into columns and rows (NMEA 183 Evaluate Protocol)

Hello Knime- Friends !
I try to organize an NMEA log into columns and rows so that I can then evaluate it in an Excel file.

In the log, the measurement transcripts repeat all 4 lines. (There are 4 different measurement records that are constantly repeated with different values.)

Each line contains different readings. The individual measurements in the ASCII file are separated by dashes. --> , Only one of the four lines is relevant ($GNGGA). All other rows and their readings can be ignored.
The measured values of all $GNGGA rows must be separated by columns in order for the measured values to be readable. Afterwards, an Excel table is to be created in which I can then read all $GNGGA values clearly.

The ASCII file looks like this:


Only the $GNGGA rows are relevant. In total, the file contains more than 1000 lines.

Thank you very much for your help!

Maybe the answers given to your question in NMEA 183 Textfile auswerten und in Excel darstellen help you to solve this issue

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ok, now it is English so makes a bit more sense :slight_smile:
As already mentioned in topic linked by @knimediger, example of input data and desired output should help you get suggestions and eventually solution :wink:


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