Original file updated but Knime still using cache for refresh results

I’m creating a flow and the file I’m using is a CSV file.
I created a flow and I am testing some hypotheses.
To test, I opened the CSV file (manually) and changed the value of a specific row. I saved the file (keeping the same name)

I went back to Knime and ran (F7)
However, the row value has not changed.

I noticed that when trying to update (F7) it executed the cached result.
I had to rename the file and choose the new name in the Browser in the CSV Reader Node
Only after that did the (F7) work and I see the result.

Question: What do I need to do to Knime always runs the most current version of the same file?

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You need to reset the node before re-running it.

Press F8 or use the icons in the toolbar or context menu.




Hi elsamuel

It worked.

Thank you so much for your help and for teaching.

Hi @Felipereis50 -

Since you are pretty new to KNIME, have you considered checking out our free online courses?

The L1 and L2 courses would benefit you a lot I think, and they are relatively short :slight_smile:

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Thank you Scott. Sure I will do.

I’m loving Knime.

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