OSM Map View with Start/End Map Markers and Routes

Hi, Knime community,

I have been trying to plot a map with routes/tracks and start/end map markers, but unfortunately I had no luck so far. Although the following link shows how to draw lines between points, I would need drawing tracks from latng/polygon data. (Draw line segments in OSM Map View)

Currently, on the OSM Map View node, I have the following input:
Port 0:
address_id lat lng size
1545062968 49.2473 -123.11934 1

Port 1:
address_id polygon(as list)
1545062968 [1545062968_#1, 1545062968_#2, …]

I have been receiving the following warning: The row key RowX doesn’t exist in the table at port 0!

  • How could I achieve my goal of plotting map markers and routes?

Thanks in advance,