OSM Map Visualization Put in Front

Hi All,

Is there any way to put layers OSM map? for instance, in picture below the green cube point I want to put it in front but instead it got covered by blue dot.



to the best of my knowledge the markers are put on the map according to the order of their appearance in your table. Hence, I’d assume if you add a Sorter node and sort your data such that the green entries are at the very bottom of the table your map should draw/display them on top.

I hope that solves your problem,


Thanks @Mark_Ortmann for the solution! I just realized it’s according to the order.


happy to hear that sorting works!

Btw. another way that might be of interest to you, is to use colors with alpha values. If you set the alpha value e.g. to 50% you’d be able to see the green square as well as your blue crosses. You can configure colors with alpha values via the color manager node.



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