OSM with Shapefile Polygons?

Hello everyone!

I've been successful in getting a map that shows discrete points based on their long/lat.

But what I really need to do next is display the Postal Codes (aka zip codes, essentially regions...) and with color would be a huge bonus.

I've successfully loaded my shapefile with the ESRI node.  It told me to connect the top output to the OSM bottom output.  That goes ok, as the polygon column seems to show up.. but then..

nothing... it doesn't draw the polygons

Is there a workflow someone can send me or direct me to that shows how to actually do this?

I'm madly in love with Knime as it is, and if I can do this I might just get down on one knee :)



Should probably mention:


it says "The Row Key '32847' doesn't exist in the table at port 0!"

(where 32847 is a bunch of different numbers.. it does this error thousands of times


I am having the exact same issue.  I can read the shapeflle.  And I can plot points but no polygons.

Just wanted to comment in hopes of refreshing the topic.


Would it be possible to attach a small example workflow demonstrating the issue?