Outdated Node.dtd in 2.7.4


the Node DTD in org.knime.core_2.7.4.0037183/knime-core.jar/org/knime/core/node/Node.dtd seems to be an outdated version as compared to http://www.knime.org/Node.dtd (see excerpt from a diff below). It would be great, if the recent version would be included in the next KNIME release to get rid of the error messages at startup when using formatting elements in list elements.



-<!ATTLIST knimeNode type (Source|Sink|Learner|Predictor|Manipulator|Visualizer|Meta|LoopStart|LoopEnd|QuickForm|Other|Unknown) "Unknown">
+<!ATTLIST knimeNode type (Source|Sink|Learner|Predictor|Manipulator|Visualizer|Meta|LoopStart|LoopEnd|ScopeStart|ScopeEnd|QuickForm|Other|Unknown) "Unknown">

+<!ELEMENT li (#PCDATA | br | b | i | u | a | tt)* >

The Node.dtd at http://www.knime.org/Node.dtd is actually already the one from KNIME 2.8. You should always use the one in org.knime.core (this is what KNIME itself uses).