outline panel display with loops in Mac

Hi, KNIME developer :heart:,

For keep this defect be noticed and recorded, I open a new topic here.

Continuing the discussion from how to copy text from interactive view?(mac):

The outline panel display with loops in Mac:


Just wanting to confirm that you are in fact on MacOS and that you are using 4.5.1?

I am not able to reproduce this on my Mac with 4.5.2. Is there any additional information that you may provide? Such as, does this occur for every workflow or just specific ones?


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See also: UI glitch with “Outline” view – it’s still not fixed.


@rsrudd Thanks for your attention!
Yes, I’m using 4.5.2. It happens in every workflow. It happens on my two Mac machines.

@HaveF it seems that the previously provided link from @qqilihq does present the reason to your issue / concern.


Sorry for the trouble. I did a little digging this morning and I believe we are still at the mercy of Eclipse here, but since this has persisted for so long I went ahead and pinged our dev team about the existing ticket anyway (AP-10819). Fingers crossed!

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