outlook attachment to KNIME


I am receiving the excel attachment on the daily basis and I would like it automatically to load into knime?

Is there a way to do it? In one similar question I saw suggestion to use selenium nodes but I dont have those available, no selenium nodes.

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hi there
that looks more like an outlook issue than a Knime issue to me… do a search on how to get attamentents into a folder and then you can access the excel from there by Knime…
here is a link that I came up with:


alright thanks,

one additional question, I have an excel file with the formulas in it.

Is it possible to preserve the formulas in excel?

Hello @Darius,

with preserving formulas you mean read formulas in KNIME instead of values or something else?


your excel formulas are preserved in excel of course, but Knime will just read the figures in the xls cells…
I suggest you import the raw data from excel and do the formulas in Knime

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