Output developed model to SQL code?

Hi everyone.

I searched the forum first but couldn’t find an answer because I am sure this question has been asked somewhere. Is there a way to output the model you developed in Knime into SQL code so you can implement it another program such as SAS?

Thanks everyone.

Look at

Not sure it will work in SAS.

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You can transform several models into PMML and then into SQL. Decision trees can also be transformed into rules that you can then convert into some if then else … rules

For SAS you could try to use PROC SQL and the output code.

We discussed which models use PMML here:

I think it could be possible to use PMML in SAS (but you would have to check if it works, PROC PSCORE); keep in mind that you will have to include all the data transformations also. From my experience PMML is compatible in theory but once you start implementing real models you have to put in some effort.

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