Output file name - variable - missing output file name


I have the following problem:

I want to control the file name of my output csv-file by a variable. I did this already in another workflow, where I assigned the URL of my input file a variable "fname".

Via the Java Edit Variable (simple) node, I changed the variable and linked this to the csv writer node. There I used the variable button to set the variable as output name.

The variable is a String and I cut off the "File:" at the beginning of "fname", so that in the end, the variable looks like this:


When I tried to do this now again in another workflow, it does not work. I almost took the identical code in the java node and I checked the variable, which is also a string looking like this:


However, there is always this error message appearing: "Missing output file name"

This makes me crazy! I tried it also with the "File:" and without... I have no idea, what the problem is.

Thank you for your help!!!!

It looks like that the CSV Writer does not have a valid configuration. Before you assign the variable, make sure you have a valid file path specified, such as /tmp/foo.txt and then assign the variable.


Could it be related to using the url (forward slash) rather than the file name (backward slash)?



Hi thank you for your posts!

I finally solved the issue: apparently you need to type in a random file name before you can control the name by a variable - the random name will then be replaced by the variable.