Output of a workflow


I am new to Knime so there is a lot of confusion regarding this software. I have got bits and pieces from reading the forums and examples but I cannot map what I have learned in class to whats happening here.

So, from my class of machine learning what I want to know is when I give a certain input to the machine it tells me which class it belongs to after going through the process of learning. In Knime however I cannot seem to understand how to make that happen. I have seen the use of Scatter Plot for DataViews but it only allows two selectable attributes. What if I want to see the output when an input of say five attributes is provided how do I view that?


I don't really understand your question. But maybe you want to start with our YouTube Chanel, there are some nice videos how KNIME can be used. And afterwards chechout the example workflows. In the DataMining category, you will find workflows which applies a classification.

Best, Iris