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I was wondering if KNIME has the ability to take the predicted results and append them to a hold out set without the predicted column in that data set.


SPSS modeler has this feature where it appends a proability score to data point.


Video example



in KNIME we have for most of our models a Learner and a Predictor.

The Learner generates the model. This model is fed into the predictor together with the test data (hold out set)  and predicts the class. The predictor does not need/use the class information

IS there a special way to do this?


I tried removing the predicted column from the hold out set and it wont run unless the fields are there. 

Keep in mind I am using a training using 60/40 test/train and am using a validation set (hold out) that the model wasn't trained on.


Ideally id like to take this set and attach a probability and or flag for each predicted data point.



I get this error message when I try to run it.


WARN      Scorer                             Column TARGET_ATTRIBUTE  not found.

Hi Data_Analyst,

of course the Scorer does need the original target_attribute for scoring. Otherwise there is nothing to compare to. However, the predictor do not use them.

Did you take a look into our example server? There are some basic examples in the 002_DataMining Category. Or maybe you post a screenshot of your workflow?

Best, Iris

Thank you for your help.


I tried doing it again and it works. Thank you so much kind sir!



I am used to just running the whole stream from the Scorer or ROC Curve node ..oops!