Output Widget Node pop up Text based on a condition

Hello ,
I am trying to handle an error based on a conditions.
So I developed a logic which basically aborts the workflow in case a condition is not met.
I am basically computing an variable error_switch (Yes/No) based on this value I am using an IF node to decide my process line. So say if a error_switch =“Yes” I have a set of further nodes connected to IF node (top part) however if it is “No” then in that case I want a widget to pop up displaying some pre defined text (this will basically be my error message for which I can compute the logic and pass it as flow variable to the deciding IF node)
However as far as I understand the widget output node cannot be directly connected to IF node how do I work around on this?

Hey @oshin,

You can use the Variable to Table Row Node which will convert the output of the widget to a tabular data format.


Hi @wkkhan sure that helped. But anything which will help me show a pop up?

Hey @oshin

From what I know, you can’t open the interactive view by default. You could use a conditional to route to an error interactive view.


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