Outputing Data without writing a File


I am currently using knime via a BATCH code used trought the system() C++ command.

I have succesfully used the JSON Input node to input all my Datas via a single String so I didn't wrote any file. Now I am at the end of the workflow and have some value in a table I want to extract.

Is it possible to use a BATCH application to read the value of a workflow variable directly from the terminal? Or is it possible to use the JSON output node (I haven't been able to figured out what it does)? Is there any intelligent way to collect Data?

Thank you for your help,


There is no way to output a table other than writing a file?

I have tried with rest API but it hasn't worked yet. An advice would be really appreciated^^.


Hi Polux,

The KNIME Server provides this option. You can call workflows via Rest Calls and without writing a file get the data as JSON back.

Best regards, Iris