Overhead limit exceeded in Window Loop Start

Hi community!

i have a table with a lot of rows (almost 2m Rows), i walked through it with a Window Loop Start node and grouping by each 5 rows,but after some minutes it shows

“ERROR Window Loop Start 0:4534 Execute failed: GC overhead limit exceeded”
is there any way to do this?

i am executing it on a dedicated machine with W10, 90GBs of ram and an Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2690 v3 @ 2.60ghz Processor

thank you all,

How much memory did you assign to the KNIME process?
You can check the KNIME.ini file located in the KNIME root folder.
What is the value written behind -Xmx xxxm?

Other question: Why do you use the Window Loop? Could you replace it with a Chunk Loop Node without breaking your logic? Don’t know if the later performs better, but i would give it a go.