Overwriting line in Excel Sheet Appender used in a Group Loop

Hi guys

I am trying to organize some data in excel. I have arranged it, as I would like.
Each sample has two intervals. Those intervals should be written on separate sheets, but each sample should be written underneath the previous sample. (On both sheets).

Sheet a (interval 1)
Sample x
Sample y
Sample z

Sheet b (interval 2)
Sample x
Sample y
Sample z

Thus far, I can create sheet a and b and place the intervals correctly, but my samples overwrite each other, so I only end up with the values from my last sample.

How do I avoid, that it overwrites my lines and just write them underneath each other?
I reckon this is rather basic, but I am stuck at the point.

Hi, I think your approach won’t work.
I would suggest to collect all the entries of each sheet and write it to xls at the end (after loop end).
If you want to collect two tables with each loop, you can do this by using “loop end (2-ports)”.

Hope, this advice fits to your needs.

greetz, Tommy


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