p2 update site feature visible in "Install New Software..."

Hi Team,

We have a feature (say my_feature), which includes some plugins.
We also have an update site feature (say us_feature) which includes my_feature. To prepare the p2 update site, we categorize only the my_feature and not us_feature.

When installing this p2 update site, via “Install New Software…”, if “Group items by category” is ON, then it lists only the my_feature which is categorized. But if “Group items by category” is OFF, then it lists the us_feature also,which should not be allowed to install manually as a feature.

Is that fine or is there a way to always hide the us_feature from being listed in “Install New Software…”, no matter “Group items by category” is ON or OFF?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

We at KNIME also have that for some features. They have reasons to exists but we don’t recommend installing them. We don’t categorize them so they are not visible and usually we give some some name that further discourages installation, like this:

(And yes, don’t install them – the functionality is contained in other features also.)

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Hi Bernd,

Thanks a lot for the confirmation and additional details. BTW, don’t you have a site feature for your p2 update site? Why is that not listed for ‘http://update.knime.com/analytics-platform/4.0’ when uncategorized? Just to understand better how things are done at KNIME!