package Radwords for data integration within knime

Hi every one

my first post so please forgive any mistake

i have not a tech background  so please consider it in the answers ;-)

My goal is to upload Adwords data from Adwords API directly in knime

I was used to do it within R and now i would like to try the R data source table node

The following script works fine in R, but in the knime node it stops at 

google_auth <- doAuth()

Then  knime crash and has to be restarted.

My question are:

Is there a way to fix this procedure ? Is there another way to access adwords data directly from knime?

Any help would be much appreciated,

Regards, Raffaele

library(RAdwords) api.adwords.refreshToken= 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx''

api.adwords.clientId=' 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx''

api.adwords.clientSecret= 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx''

api.adwords.developerToken= 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx''

google_auth <- doAuth()

body <- statement(select=c('Field_1, 'Field_2' , ... , 'Field_n' ), report="REPORT_NAME", start="start_date", end="end_date")

report <- getData(clientCustomerId = 'my_id', google_auth=google_auth, statement=body)

knime.out <- report


Hi Raffaele,

Could you let me know which KNIME version (e.g. 3.3.1 Windows 64bit Full) you have installed.



Hi Jon

i have installed

KNIME Analytics Platform    3.1.0.v201512031304 

R version 3.3.2 (2016-10-31)

on a Windows 64bit machine


Many thanks for your help



Hi Raffaele,

Can you try updating to a newer version of KNIME Analytics Platform (we just released 3.3.2) and see if the problem still exists?



Hi Jon

updated knime to 3.3.2

but the behaviour rmeain the same

if R is not the solution (i was try te re-use an old implementation in R), can you suggest me another way to import adwords data in knime?


Best Regards


Hi Raffaele,

I've asked one of our developers to look into the issue, but unfortunately they are unavailable over the Easter break. Most likely it should be possible.

There are potentially a couple of other options:



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