Paired t-test node error

If you specify a property in the Paired t-test node that has zero degrees of freedom, it causes the node to error, even if you have other properties selected in there that have >1 df.

Rather than making the node fail, please can the property with df=0 just be populated with empty cells.

Having the node fail, means I have to keep reconfiguring the node for different analyses.

Hello, would it be possible to use try and catch nodes so that you workflow runs even when df=0?

Thanks for the suggestion but this would not solve the problem.

The problem is not being able to continue the workflow as this is the last node in the workflow.

The problem is that I have to reconfigure the t test node and work out which item in there is causing the df=0 error.
Then if I redo another analysis I have to re-add the item in the node again, so it is frustrating.

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