Palladian GeoNodes

Hi Knimers!

I'm very interested in learning more about the Palladian GeoNodes and how to use it but I didn't find anything on the web.

I would like to receive any kind of recommendation to learn more about it.

Thank you

Could you be more specific on what you are trying to accomplish?

Hi there!

I used to work with ArcGis and some geostatistical analysis as interpolation for instance. When I saw Palladian GeoNodes I thought that maybe I could use in the same way.

Some good tasks for me would be:

 - Use a list of address to transform in geocoordinates;
 - Generate a radius in KM around these geocoordinates;
 - Interpolate measures in these geocoordinates


Hi Fabio,

there's some documentation and example workflows here:

The first two points are certainly possible. About no. 3 I'm not sure, because I did not fully understand. Feel free to give additional details.


Hi Philpp!!

Great! I will check!

Only to explain a bit of interpolation, its a kind of K Nearest Neighbor. You can compare this methodology as they do  for a weather forecast map where they consider some stations measuring the weather and interpolate the results for other areas without stations.



Hi Fabio,

that sounds perfectly doable. As far as I remember, the example with the restaurants given above's link does something very similar (using the Haversine distance to cluster coordinates).

In case of any questions, feel free to get back, preferably in the Palladian subforum.