Palladian nodes gone after update to knime 4.0

After updating to knime 4.0 the palladian nodes got removed during the update (which I acknoledged) however installing them after the update does not work as they are not available.


Yes. The current version is not compatible with KNIME 4.0. We’ll ship an update during the next weeks. Please refer to this forum, as there’ll be some changes.



Thanks for notification!

I just recently used the Palladian nodes more often!


Hi; Philipp @qqilihq
For Palladian nodes, I would appreciate it if the update to knime 4.0 is done quickly. An important tool I use to receive data. :neutral_face:


Feels strange that Selenium Nodes 4.0 were released in coordination with Knime 4.0 but Palladian requires “weeks” to catch up. It’s certainly not that easy but there there remains a bitter taste, doesn’t it?

Bitter taste or not – we earn money with the Selenium Nodes and are therefore obligated to our paying users. We currently do not earn any money with the Palladian nodes. So at the end it’s a matter of priorities and limited temporal resources.

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Fully understand that. Just wanted to point out that some of the paying users may convert because Palladian delivered such an outstanding experience. Requiring “weeks” to catch up, yes, has a bitter taste. No complain, as I said, I can relate to that but wanted to make a stand for the Palladian users too.


Good news … we were faster than expected and are quite close:



This is the less useful customer reply I have ever seen. Even if the statement is true, something along the lines of: “we know of the problem and we are working to fix it. I would encourage you to try our Selenium nodes (there is a 30 days trial license), you will probably find an increase in your productivity.” Incredible how good marketing opportunities are lost.

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+++ Palladian Nodes back +++ Palladian Nodes back +++ Palladian Nodes back +++

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we present you the update site URL for a KNIME 4 compatible Palladian (please see link below). This update ensures compatibility and does not include new features, however, we have a ton of them in the pipeline for the coming Palladian 2 (and also a new logo!), to follow after summer. Moving the update site to a new location and getting a new build environment running took a bit of time – thank you for your patience (and apologies for the “bitter taste” @mw :slight_smile: ).

Please copy the following URL, go to KNIME preferences → “Available Software Sites”, click on “Add …” and paste it there. Then use the well-known procedure for updating resp. installing KNIME extensions:

Palladian is no longer in the “KNIME Community Contributions”. How come?

Since 2011, when we introduced Palladian into the KNIME community, we have offered it under a so-called “Palladian Free for Science License” (see here). This license allows you to use the Palladian Nodes entirely for free with free versions of the KNIME Workbench. This implicitly means that commercial KNIME products are not covered by this free license. We think that this is a very fair model – if you’re able to afford a paid KNIME product, you can also afford a license for the Palladian nodes. A license change to the proposed GPL, BSD, or Apache is therefore not an option for us, so we’ll host and distribute the nodes through our own infrastructure from now on.

Will this affect you? Beside having to add an update site URL to KNIME – most probably not. If you’ve used the nodes in a KNIME Server environment without proper licensing so far, no worries either: This happens to the best, and we will not bite. However, now is the time where you should get in touch with us to find a solution (

Thanks for your attention, for your support, and for always keeping us busy with bug reports or feature requests. Thanks to KNIME for hosting the nodes in the last years. Thanks to @danielesser for helping to get the CI and update site up and running.

We trust there’ll be many more years with KNIME and Palladian.

– Philipp

[edit] All Palladian-relevant infos, including the changelog, are now available on the following page:


Hi @qqilihq ,

that are some awesome news. Did you consider making Palladian Donationware or enabling donations? I’d be more than happy to honor your continuous efforts for such a versatile tool kit.

Have a great week!


That’s great to hear! Admittedly, I’ve considered it a while ago, but I was skeptical whether that would make sense. I’ll see whether there’s a good platform for setting up a donation system, once I have some spare time. Thanks for the suggestion, and stay tuned!



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