Palladian TextClassifier


is it possible to convert Palladian TextClassifierLearner model to PMML?

Thanks in advance


no (not currently).

I'm not sure if that's possible in general, as the preprocessing of text to features is an integral part of the classifier, and I don't know whether that can be represented by PMML. Out of couriosity: Do you have a specific use case in mind?


Thanks qqilihq! 

It's a pitty because in this way I can't manipulate an algorithm that already exist and I can't use it in an environment that does not use knime (e.g. Java, R, Python,  etc...).

Many thanks


have you seen the "TextClassifierModelToTable" node? This will basically dump the whole model content into a table... it's nothing too fancy or complicated, just a simple lookup table with category counts/probabilities for each feature.

The Palladian Text Classifier is also available as stand-alone Java library, this would allow you to simply use a model which you created in KNIME within your applications. If that sounds interesting, feel free to get in contact via e-mail.


Thank you very much! I saw "TextClassifierModelToTable" node. It's interesting but it's not something you can immediatly reuse in another environment like a PMML model.

I didn't know that there is a stand-alone Java library for Palladian Text Classifier. I don't need it for now but it's good to know.

Many thanks!