Parallel execution of nodes


I was not able to figure out, how to make KNIME Analytics Platform 3.4.2 process nodes in parallel. For testing purposes, I set up the following

Now I wanted to split up the node in the blue recangle to parallelise the loading process. I figured

but when I try to connect more than one of the Copy executors (red lines) to the executor the creates the indexes previously dropped it replaces the existing one. How can I do such task?

Kind regards


Hi Thiemo.Kellner, 

You can trigger execution of all the parallel nodes before execution of the "Create indexes" node using the flow variables connection from the additional Database SQL Executor nodes. To do so, use a Merge Variables node to collect your flow variables and then connect its output to the "Create indexes" node flow variable input. 


Please find attached a sample workflow. 




Anna, thanks. The flow variable concept is sort of a mystery to me still. But thanks to your tip I did a cascade that seems to work. :-) The error is a file system error that has no direct link to KNIME.