parallel request problem

Hi there,

for a stress test we try to run a workflow on the knime server, that should only return a dummy json response, from a client with a post request and a parallel chunk loop.

If we split 100 requests into 2 parallel chunks we get a 200 http response each time, but the json-output field does not exist.

So, why should the knime server respond while the workflow isn’t finished with execution?

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Thanks for the question. How do you submit your requests to the KNIME Server? If you are able to share the workflow here then I can take a look at it for you.



Hi Jon,

thanks for the answer. It’s just a json reader that opens a dummy file an put it into the json output.

And the stresstest caller.

local_client.knwf (12.6 KB)

fast_running.knwf (9.1 KB)

Best regards

I ran the workflows that you sent to me after adapting them to my KNIME Server address.

I made sure to increase the timeout on the POST request node since I was making the calls to a remote server on the internet.

I tried with the POST request node inside and outside of the parallel chunk loop and there wasn’t a difference in the response (always a 200, and always I could extract the name ‘John Dow’ from the response.

If you’re still running into issues, perhaps we should setup a call with one of our support engineers to look into the issue in a bit more detail.