Parameter Optimization feature request


The Parameter Optimization node works as expected - thanks! The additional feature I miss is possibility to change from "linear" search to another option (eg 10^parameter). I think it could be easily implemented. The default would be linear search, but user could enter an expression he want to get on the output flow variables (like 10^parameter).

Another feature, which would be probably more difficult to implement, is "extensible" parameter range. So if search strategy is Hillclimbing and the function still raises, the search grid can be extended.

(both features are similar to Weka's Grid Search, which is unfortunatelly limited to Weka's nodes).


Best wishes,


The first is most easily done with the Java Edit Variables node right after the loop start node.

The second is indeed much more complicated. I will have a look at it.

Thanks for the java tip, thor. However it would be a bit easier, if this is implemented directly into the node.

It would save you node, true. But it would make the dialog more complicated and essentially duplicate existing funtionality. Also, you wouldn't be able to get the original value of the parameter any more.

That is true. It was just a suggestion.