parameter optimization


I would like to add quality measure (gini vs gain) as a factor in a parameter optimization procedure with decision tree.

As far as I understand, only numerical parameters can be used in the parameter optimization node.

Is there a solution at hand?



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Hi Kees,

You are right, the paramater optimization loop can only handle numeric parameters. If you want to include nominal values in your parameter optimization procedure, you can simply wrap your optimization loop with another loop, e.g. use the table creator and fill in your quality measure and pass it to a table row to variable loop afterwards. Keep in mind that nested loops are not the best option when it comes to computational cost, but it does the job. Hope that helps.


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Thanks Marten. Will try.

How did this work out for you? I’m interested in doing the same, but I’m new to KNIME so if you had success, would you mind laying out your steps?


Hi, just saw your question. I can send you an example later this week if you like.