Parameterize Filter options in CSV Reader nodes

Hello Everyone,

This might be a basic question but how to parametrize using flow variables for the filter options when we use ‘Files in folder’ filter mode ?
I need to use File Name option with Wildcard option.

The basic requirement is not to use the table to row loop to read multiple csv files.

While I can have it hard coded (like 2022), I need to make it automatic.

Probably these would be same for excel reader as well.


I would assum it is file_name_expression. The above one is type boolean.
Mode and type are not really files

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@Daniel_Weikert Thanks for your reply.
I just noticed that filter_files_name is boolean so TRUE() will be enough for that.
However, I also need to know ‘filter_mode’ , ‘files_name_filter_type’ as only ‘filter_files_name’ and ‘files_name_expression’ do not seem to work

Scratch that, I just created new variables using the flow variables tab in CSV Reader.


So it seems, we need to create the variables in all caps and no spaces.

I created variables in lowercase. Hence, the problem.
Thanks all for trying to solve my problem


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