Parameterize workflows (Tablenames)


It’s my first time with KNIME and I’m using it in order to orchestrate R scripts, SQL queries and database writer nodes.

The thing is that I have many workflows that finish with a database writer nodes and all of them depend on a previous workflow. For the execution order I’m using flow variables ports and it works well, but beyond this I would like to name each table of each writer node in an automathize way like that “Datamart_xx_yyyyyy”. “yyyyyy” would be the day of the execution and “xx” the number of order of the table.

Datamart_v01_180312 (output name table of first database writer), Datamart_v02_180312 (output name table of second database writer), Datamart_v03_180312 (output name table of third database writer), and going on.

Which way is the best to do that? Is there the option (like in ODI) to upload an Excel with the names of all tablenames?

Thanks a lot,


Hi @MartaElias,
You can set the of the created file in the Excel Writer via an flow-variable:

There are many nodes for creating an manipulating Flow Variables, take a look in the Workflow Control -> Variables section of the Node Repository