Parameters in Configure panel set by the flow variable

Hi KNIME development community,

I would like to control the parameters with a table at the beginning of a workflow.  My custom KNIME node will utilize the parameters so I don't need to go through the GUI every time to set those parameters.  It is like the attached picture of a KNIME node with a circle on the top, to which I could have another KNIME node linked.

I would like some sample Java code on how to implement that feature.

Thanks in advance.




Resolved.  No need any additional coding.  If I use the "Table Row to Variable" node to convert the table maintained by the "Table Creator" node, I could make a connection between the "Table Row to Variable" node to my custom node.  The circle comes out automatically.  

Solved.  Use the "Table Row to Variable" KNIME node to promote the propagation of the flow variables.