Parametrization for a rule based row filter

Hi guys,
I’m trying to automatize/parametrize a rule based row filter node with the following conditions:

For the first two conditions, I did the parametrization with a “double input” node and a string input node.
For the third one, I don’t know with is the node I should use since, the “NZ_COND” contains multiple values. The condition is:
COD_NZ IN (“SS”,“AW”,“ER”,“YU”).
The COD_RES condition is easy since its just contain one value COD_RES=“AA” and the string input allows the parametrization.
How can I do it for the COD_NZ condition?

Thanks in advance!

@SusanaFL welcome to the KNIME forum

You could try and populate a MATCHES Regex condition or follow another suggestion from this thread:

At the end there also is a sample workflow. I am on a mobile so I have not checked it myself yet.


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