Parametrized database function call


I have to call in my workflow a database function with parameters values varying from 1 record to the other. Therefore is there a way to perform my function call similarly to the “Parametrized DB query Reader” but without any preliminary table selection as I make something like “select * from function_name(param1,param2) ;” as function_name is not a table, view or materialized view.

Thank you for your hints and help.

Best regards, Claude.

Hello Cladeo,

I would approach the problem by taking advantage from the interaction variable from the loop ex :slight_smile:

Inside the query reader
Select * from “$${Sinterasstring}$$”
And if is needed to check the worflow

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Thank you for the hint. I use Table Row to Variable Loop Start instead of the Counting Loop Start. But besides that everything is fine. Thank you very much for the hint.
Kind regards, Claude.

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