Parquet Reader error

When I try to retrieve a file using the parquet reader node (INT_8 (INT32), what should I do if I get an error?

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If you can share more info like what kind of error do you get someone might help you :wink:


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Could you share more details this is now the third report about problems with the parquet reader. Could be worth exploring further.

When a file with a parquet extension is retrieved using the parquet reader, the error β€˜(INT_8 (INT32)’ appears and cannot be executed. I don’t know how to do this.

Could you share a minimal example where this happens? Or at least the logfile from the event.

The INT thing sounds like something with -well- integers. A problem with conversion maybe. How is the parquet file being generated, where does it come from? KNIME?

From my understanding there is no genuine extension for parquet files BTW.