Parquet Reader - Permission denied error

Hi all,

there seems to be an issue with the parquet reader node. The Amazon S3 Connection node is able to establish the connection and parquet writer can write out to s3. Now the strange thing is that Parquet Reader can’t read the same file back. Please help.

This is the error message: ERROR Parquet Reader 0:269 Execute failed: Permission denied: s3n:/ … .parquet


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Also having this issue. On local and EC2 environments.

It is definitely not a problem with permission settings. Using the same AWS connection I am reading it into a python notebook. No problems. Just the parquet reader node comes up with the permission error.
Also I’m on KNIME 4.2.3

I’m using a temporary password generated using the Octo software. The connection is being set by using default credential provider chain.

Hi @JulianSiebold,

the Parquet Reader and Writer nodes using a slightly different approach under the hood to access S3. The reader uses a faster one that does not support all authentication methods of S3. The new File Handling Framework in the next KNIME 4.3 release addresses issues like this. If you need a short workaround you might:

  • use an access and secret key instead
  • use the Download node and read the downloaded files from the local file system

Hopefully this helps and becomes much better with the new File Handling.


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