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I am looking for a way to search for a whole list of documents on a specific location on the server.
We have some catalogues created in indesign but the foto’s/files are all over the place. Is there a way in knime to search the folder they are in? The names are just numbers and if I can find out in what folder they are than I can add some tags in our DAM system
Or is this something that I cannot do with Knime?

Hi @cinthy

With the List Files/Folders node you retrieve all elements on (a specific) location. And from there you can extract Meta Info and more from those elements (files).
KNIME_project2.knwf (21.5 KB)

After that you can use a Row Based Row Filter (Dictionay) to filter the elements.

gr. Hans



I found the checkbox

Hi Hans,

Thank you for the info but can I also find files in the subfolders?

If I search in folder ISU than I would also like to get the files from subfolder “Status” and even the other folders in this folder. Or is that to much to ask and do I have to make different flow for each folder?


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