parsed document--show only a single line of output

After I parsed document (text, pdf, or doc) the output table show only a single line of output (Row 1).  Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!

This is a standard output of the parsers - to create a document cell out of the document being parsed.  It takes the first sentence of the document as the content of the cell.

If you immediately want to extract the contents of the document, the next node to use is the sentence extractor.  The sentences so extracted could then be written in to multiple formats viz. xls, csv, etc.

Otherwise, you could get in to pre-processing.

Alternatively, you could use the document data extractor node to further process this cell to indicate the meta details of the document, which could be extracted further down the workflow.  File path is a good option if you wish to get the file name and track it through the workflow.  Check out the various options in this node.

Hope this helps.

Check out the example server workflows for various options and application of nodes.