parsing tables through partitioning

I have a table like so:

ID	Timestamp	Status
A	5/30/2022 2:29	Run Ended
A	5/30/2022 0:23	In Progress
A	5/30/2022 0:22	Prepared
B	5/30/2022 11:15	Run Ended
B	5/30/2022 9:18	In Progress
B	5/30/2022 0:55	Prepared

I want to compute the duration between each status grouped by the ID.
So the resulting output table would be:

ID	Duration(min)	Status change
A	0.40	In Progress-Prepared
A	125.82	Run Ended - In Progress
B	502.78	In Progress-Prepared
B	117.34	Run Ended - In Progress

I know I can do this in python using Window and PartitionBy. But is there a way to do this in KNIME?

hi @thentangler ,
This is my suggestion
I started with this input table, slightly different from yours since I added seconds to the timestamps
This is the workflow


KNIME_project8.knwf (15.5 KB)
Hope it helps


Thank you! This works perfectly!


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