Parsing the KNIME Forum

This workflow demonstrates how one can parse the KNIME Forum. We work in different stages. First we get read the list of topics from the fron page of the forum. Afterwards we go to each category separately. In each category we are searching for all topics which are newer than 9 days. This limitation is done mainly to speed up the workflow. If there is a next page avaiable, we also take those into consideration. After parsing the different thread pages, we are reading all information from the individual topics.

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I just started with KNIME. I try to download this workflow to modify but the htmlparser node from palladian is not found?
Where can I find it?

Thank you.

Hi @hquynhh -

See this post on how to download the Palladian extension and associated nodes.

Parse JSON step isn’t working anymore. Suspect it’s after an update of the knime forum. Would be fantastic if the example could be updated!