Parsing two XML files. One works, one doesn't

The top line of this workflow works, but the bottom just returns a series of ?? and I don’t know why. Anu suggestions gratefully received. Links to data files

New Orenburg: Orenburgto0424.json - Google Drive

Old Orenburg: Orenburg to 022523.json
Orenburg.knwf (85.4 KB)

Hi @drrarnold22,

these files are JSON, not XML. The problem you face is caused by an invalid XPath:

Here is the fixed workflow.

Pro-Tip: By clicking on the XML-Node, the XPath is automatically generated as a starting point to work with (see my screenshot above).



Thanks! Did you have to type manually item\title or did it appear by clicking on the tag?

When you select the node name either by double clicking or as usual by marking it like you’d mark a word in an email.

OK, thanks. Some of my data is still appearing as ?. Any ideas why?

Difficult to give any statement without having a look at your workflow or entire data. Mind sharing it? If not in public, send it to

I don’t mind sharing it, but I think I resolve it by excluding columns with missing data (when the tables were unioned, they were part of a larger project so I integrated them into it- seems to be working now, though I am VERY new to data science so will let you know if that was too optimistic! Thanks!

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