Partial comparison of string columns



I have two string column which both indicate an area. I want to compare the two column and build a third column that will give me a binary (1= if areas changed, 0=if areas stayed the same). I tried to use column comparator but it does not allow for fuzzy matching. Eg. "Frankfurt" and "Frankfurt am main" I will consider them the same, thus I will put 0. But column comparator puts 1.

I tried to use string similarity node but I get a strange error message "Cell can not be cast to org.knime.core.dateStringvalue" or "class cast exception". I am not sure what is not working.


Any advice will be helpful.


Are you referring to the "StringSimilarity" node? 

The input columns must be of type string, and "missing values" are currently not supported (that's probably the reason for the error). Simply replace missing values (the cells with the red "?") by an empty string before running "StringSimilarity".

-- Philipp