Partial text match

Hi everyone,

I’am trying to do a partial match beetween two columns. I would like to determine which value is closest.

For example i have this two columns

Adress Adress from other base
1411 Sixth Avenue, Metropolitan Tower 1411 Sixth Av Metropolitan Tower
2 Water St, Macy’s Herald Square 2 Water Saint Macy s Herald Square
151 W. 34th Street, Room 900 151 West 34th Street
875 Sixth Ave, Grand Central Station 875 Sixth Avenue Grand Central Station

I dit manually the correspondance but it’s impossible to search for all datas. So I need to find a method to have the same result.

I tried to use the Similiraty Search Node but I have strange result that not corresponding in the reality.

Can you help me to find the best method to deal with a partial match. It’s something that I have to do frequently beacause I’am working with differents databases. And I need to find the good corresponding with this databases.

Thank you.

Look here for solution

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Hello @Stephane73,

and here is the link to the example.


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