Pass SettingsModel to next node


I developed a Block Nested Loop Node which has 2 SettingsModelFilterString. One which has all columns which values should be as big as possible. The other one contains all columns which values should be as small as possible.

Then I compute the best Rows in which the columns should be max/minimized depending in which SettingsModel they're in. 

My problem is:

I need to pass these SettingsModels or at least the "getIncludeList()" to the next Node. 

How is this possible?

Thanks for all your answers~

If the two node are loop start and end nodes then they can access each others node models (NodeModel.getLoopEndNode/getLoopStartNode). If you nodes are "normal" nodes than the only way is to pass the information via flow variables.

First sorry for the late reply and thanks for your reply.

I tried out the method with the flow variables which worked really well.

However, I now have a new problem. I want to use the data from the flow variables in my NodeDialog.

The user should be able to set a specific value for every column which was selected in the previous node (which is stored in the flow variable)

So i need the name of the columns which are stored in the flow variables before the execute method.

There may be a simpler way sticking with flow variables, but maybe you could create a new PortType to carry the information between nodes, and then access it in the node dialog?