Pass thru option on KNIME nodes

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Hopefully a simple answer to this but I was wondering if I was missing an easy way to deactivate a note but let data just pass through it.  For instance I see if I turn off a node it deactivates everything downstream of the branch.  What I would like to have....Say I want to join 5 branches but in one iteration of the workflow I want to turn off one of the branches.  I would still like the workflow to join the remaining 4 branches and move on.  I hate to mention it but sort of like the "Active" "pass thru" "inactive" toggles that pipeline pilot has if you are familiar with that.



I second this request - It would be very handy.

Yes, this would be a very useful feature for me too.

It appears that there is some interest...Is there a formal way to "ask" for this capability  or does the group scrape for user requests to be incorporated into the next set of updates?



One should probably keep in mind that most nodes within KNIME change the specification of their input table somehow (e.g., by adding new columns, converting column types etc.). So, just setting a node on "pass thru" would probably invalidate or influence the settings of some of its successor nodes in many cases.

In certain special cases (e.g. filter nodes), such an option could certainly be implemented.

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I have used this feature (deactivate nodes) in SPSS Modeler and I find it very useful in a testing environment, when you want to simple try a scenario with and without a given procedure (node). I’d love to see this implemented in KNIME some day.

Hi @deicide_bg -

It’s an interesting idea! I’ve created a ticket for this (internal: AP-15004).


Thanks! And please forgive me the typos!

Hi @deicide_bg
did you checked the possibility to implement switch nodes for turning subworkflows on or off?

no, but the idea is to have this on a node level, not entire sub-workflow