Pass workflow credentials from Call Workflow (Table Based)

I want to create a shared workflow component which can be reused from many workflows to process a table.

I am able to call the child workflow using the Call Workflow (Table Based) node to pass the table and flow variables. I can access the passed table and the flow variables, including Workflow Variables, within the called workflow using the Container Input (Table) and Container Input (Variable) nodes.

I want to query a database to populate an auxiliary lookup table inside the called workflow. I use the Microsoft SQL Server Connector node and Workflow Credentials in the calling workflow. How can I pass Workflow Credentials or the database connection to the called workflow?

I use Knime Analytics Platform ver 3.6.0

Hi @afomin

this is a pending feature of us. We already do have this implemented so you can use this if you are willing to use the nightly built of us.

The stable version with this feature will go live on St.Nikolaus Release 6.12.

Best, Iris


Thank you for the good news.