passing a table value to a GET request node

I have a workflow with POST request node that gets me a json output with access_token as one of the keys. How do I pass this access_token to a GET request where I need to use its value in a Request header such as "Authorization" as Bearer access_token

In the Request Headers tab of the GET Request node, it's possible to add header key-value pairs. The value of the pairs can be defined by a workflow variable or column (set in the Value kind field).

But, I need to add the word "Bearer" to the value given by the access_token from the previous POST request.

POST request gives me a json like {"access_token": 12345, "expires_in":899}.

I need to pass this access_token 12345 to a GET request header with a key/value pair like Authorization/ Bearer concatenated with the value of access_token

Appreciate if you could share the workflow for this. I am very new to KNIME


I have the same problem than #rsherhod.

I can see that in Request Headers of GET Request there is a selection of Value kind.

I can select Column - but how can I connect it to a specific column of e.g. a manually created table (created by Table Creator).