Passing Delimiter As a Variable to the FileReader Node

I setup a variable so I can pass the delimiter of the CSV file to the FileReaderNode. While the configuration is accepted when I press APPLY, it throws an error to the console when you close the configuration window:

WARN File Reader 0:679:707 Errors loading flow variables into node : Row delimiter must be defined as delimiter.

Im not sure what this error is trying to tell me. The node status is set back to red so I can’t execute the node with that variable set so its seems more than just a warning.

Thanks for the hint. This looks like a bug. I’ll let you know as soon as there is a patch available. In the meantime you could use the CSV Reader as a workaround.

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@Marten_Pfannenschmidt this bug still seems to exist today … (version 4.2)

Hi @mlauber71 -

Thanks for bringing attention to this. We have a ticket for it (AP-9666) and I’ve added a +1 on that from you.

I did a quick test and noticed that for whatever reason, the Simple File Reader doesn’t have this problem. So maybe that’s a temporary workaround?


@ScottF yes there are various alternatives in KNIME also with the new CSV reader :slight_smile: So there is no urgent need. It just came up this morning in a meeting so I googled it and found this thread.