Passing Local Variables to BIRT Report Designer


I am currently nearing the completion of building a report with BIRT report designer, and I have a table in which the title is along the lines of "Table shows targets from x number of days". I want x to be replaced by a variable from a quick form node so that this workflow can be used from the KNIME WebPortal.

How do you access Local Variables from a KNIME Workflow in the BIRT Report Designer for inserting into a mid-sentence.


Hi Simon,

The reporting extension only sees workflow variables (these are then called report parameters); so it won't help here.

I suggest that you prepare the labels in KNIME (using the String Manipulation node and flow variables) and then send the labels as a table to the reporting extension. You will probably run into the problem that you can only assign one data set (= one Data to Report node) with a report element. You can work around that problem by wrapping report elements (one or many) in a grid element and then associate the grid with table A and the report element in the grid with table B.

Hope that helps,


Many thanks for the help. That was most useful.